Live the VisitEscape experience

Live the VisitEscape experience

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How to give VisitEscape as a gift?


When buying a VisitEscape, select the "Send VisitEscape as a GIFT" box for just €1 more.
Write your email (not the email to whom you buy the VisitEscape).


Within a maximum period of 48 hours, you will receive the gift card by email.
If you want to make it cooler, you can print the card to make the perfect gift.


But it won't be that easy... on the card there will be a riddle to unlock the experience.

Live the VisitEscape experience
Live the VisitEscape experience
Live the VisitEscape experience
FROM ONLY 10,98€

Are you looking for a different plan to do with your mum? Do you want to live a Street Escape with your friends? Or do you prefer to share the experience with your partner?
Surprise them with the VisitEscape gift card.

Live the experience and decipher the city together.
Start the VisitEscape on the gift card and finish it on the street!



Can the person change the VisitEscape once purchased?

Yes. Write us an email ( ) saying which VisitEscape you want to do and the unlock code.

Is there a minimum of people to buy the gift?

From 2 people and there is no limit. If you are more than 10, contact us for special group discounts. You will receive just one code for the couple or the entire group.

If you don't know how to solve the riddle of the gift card, will you be able to do the VisitEscape?
No, it is mandatory to have the code. But don't worry, in your purchase confirmation email, you will have the solution. So, if the person who receives the gift does not know how to solve it, they should contact you to find out the answer (or verify it).

Is the card riddle very difficult?

No! It is a labyrinth of medium difficulty.

Is it a physical card?

We send you the gift card by email (digital way). You decide if you want to print it or prefer to send it in electronic format.

What if I will also do the VisitEscape that I give away?

Then you can help solve the maze to find the code. Once resolved, check it in the email sent by VisitEscape to see if you have done it correctly.

I already have the gift card and the code resolved, now what?
Then download the VisitEscape APP, select the VisitEscape experience, read the instructions... and let the adventure begin!

How does it work

Select the VisitEscape

Look at the routes we have available and select the one that interests you the most. If you have doubts choosing a VisitEscape, within the APP, you can try the first chapters of each tour for free.Our experiences

Get your code

Get the code on our website by selecting the number of people who will make the Escape. You will receive it in your e-mail (check the spam folder).

Download the APP

Go to Google Play or Apple Store and search for VisitEscape.

Enter the code in the APP

Open the APP and select the chosen route, enter the code you received by mail.

See the information from "before you start"

In the initial screen of the route you will find important information (best time to do it, starting point, tips and others).

Have fun with VisitEscape

Go to the right place and let the game begin!