Customed Escape Room

Customed Escape Room

At VisitEscape we design a tailor-made experience according to the needs of your company, region or city.

We adapt to your needs!

If you want to promote tourism and culture in your city or village, you want to give your museum a new focus, or you want to do teambuilding with your company's team, we adapt to you to create a 100% customized VisitEscape.

  • For institutions, monuments or museums: we are specialists in creating tailor-made routes for towns, cities, museums and monuments; interiors, exteriors or mixed. If you want to know how we work, write us!

  • For companies: if you want to offer an exclusive experience for your workers, your clients and/or partners, explaining the history of your company and combining technology and the room escape, send us your proposal!

A new innovative proposal that offers an enriching and sustainable experience to promote knowledge, culture and the economy of our country...

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Customed Escape Room

Do you prefer an exclusive APP?

Customed Escape Room
Enjoy the VisitEscape experience with an exclusive APP for you.

We offer the creation of your own APP for your city, region, monument or business. You decide the name and how many routes you want. We take care of the rest!

Why Visit Escape?

Institutions, monuments and museums
  • You can offer an innovative vision of your place adapted to new technologies
  • Specialized APP for generations X, Y, Z
  • Attracts a cultural and adventurous crowd
  • Focused on local and foreign tourism
  • Offers full freedom in the visit
  • You will encourage teamwork
  • You will improve cooperation and competitiveness
  • You will develop communication skills
  • You will encourage intuition and logic
  • You will help improve decision-making
  • You will develop leadership skills

These are the companies or institutions that already trust us

Customed Escape Room
Customed Escape Room
Customed Escape Room
Customed Escape Room