The Historic Fraud of Barcelona

The Historic Fraud of Barcelona















Urban escape room in Barcelona

Without looking for it, Mark Guide receives private information from the very president of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The information explains that the inhabitants of Barcelona, like tourists, are victims of a deception about what the city centre really is. A lie that has been around for years and that, if the world discovered it, would affect the reputation of the entire city and the entire country. Become a researcher and help to recover the honour of Barcelona. You will get it?

In this VisitEscape you will decipher:

/ Sant Jaume Square
/ King's Square
/ Columns of Augustus
/ Jewish Quarter
/ St. Felip Neri Square
/ Bishop's Bridge
/ Barcelona's cathedral
/ (...)

The Tour

Some places you will visit

Before you start

  • The start of the VisitEscape is at Sant Jaume square .
When to do it:
  • If what you want is not to miss any detail, do it during the day. If you do it at night, you will not be able to see the columns of Augustus or the gargoyles of the cathedral, but you will have a touch of mystery throughout the tour.
No tickets - You don't have to pay to visit any monument ;)

  • Remember: headphones, connection and charged mobile. That... if your battery runs out in the middle of the case, it will make you more angry than when you go for water and only the bottle is left in the fridge.
  • If you get lost in the streets of the Gothic Quarter, remember that all the points are geolocated!
Enjoy the case. See if you can help Mark Guide, without freaking out before finishing the case, ;) DECODE THE CITY!

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The Historic Fraud of Barcelona
The Historic Fraud of Barcelona

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